HAT Collective Launches the Elle Collection

As the workplace changes and continues to evolve, HAT Collective introduces its new Elle Collection, which offers flexibility to employers and workers to choose workspace solutions that best meet their needs. The Elle Collection is making its debut at this year’s NeoCon in Chicago.

“People are happier and more productive when they are empowered to work how and where they want – whether that’s at a traditional office workplace or at home; sitting or standing; collaboratively or individually,” said Libby Ferin, vice president of marketing at HAT Collective. “The Elle Collection was designed to empower people to ‘work their way’ – no matter the workplace design or requirements. Each piece in the collection is fully customizable, offering a solution for everyone.”

Designed and manufactured in Denmark, the Elle Collection offers well-designed, price-accessible, commercial-grade workplace solutions with unmistakable European flare.

● Elle, an elegant, Parsons-style table, offers unmatched stability compared to other 4-leg, height-adjustable models. It is available in four different surface-mounting options for a tailored design and fit, including options for enshrined and top-mounted surfaces as well as a sliding split surface. Elle ranges in height from 27 inches to 46.7 inches, is 30-inches deep and comes in two standard widths, 60 and 72 inches. The frame can accommodate 400 pounds.

● Ellehaven provides the ultimate in group collaboration. Ellehaven ranges in height from 28 inches to 47.7 inches and features three standard depths – 36 inches, 42 inches or 48 inches – and four standard widths – 84 inches, 96 inches, 108 inches and 120 inches. Ellehaven’s frame can accommodate up to 450 pounds.

● Rounding out the collection are two static tables – available in either a fixed-height sitting (29 inches tall) or a fixed-height standing option (43 inches tall). Both tables include two surface top options – 60 inches by 30 inches or 72 inches by 30 inches – for increased workplace flexibility.

Both Elle and Ellehaven’s electric lifts can be powered by either cable or battery, creating built-in flexibility that makes reconfiguration easy. At the push of a button, electric power glides Elle or Ellehaven to a preferred height at a rate of 1.5 inches per second. Workers also have the option to choose Bluetooth Control for the ultimate in technological workspace integration. An integrated wire management tray comes standard on Elle, and is optional on Ellehaven, to hold batteries and wires in place for added organization.

All Elle Collection surfaces come in laminate or butcher block tops, while the frames come in several color options, such as white, silver, black, mocha or clear. The new collection enables dealers and designers to create timeless, functional, sleek and uniformed workspaces.

For more information, visit the Elle Collection at HATCollective.com.