Why HAT Collective

We are a curious company, on a quest to empower individualization in the workplace.

We offer a broad range of design-forward, ergonomic solutions for the contract office market. Our lines celebrate thoughts and ideas, coming together to push the limits under the name of HAT Collective.

Providing quick shipping and highly customizable product options, we place an emphasis on customer service and exceptional levels of support for our network of dealers. We promise you this: it’s easy to do business with HAT Collective.

Our products showcase craftsmanship, functionality, and innovation in design. We remain committed to quality and affordability as we endeavor to revolutionize well-being and productivity in the workplace.

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Why Choose Hat Collective

Our reliable, responsive teams are dedicated to personalized service. Whether online or in-person, we keep things simple. HAT Collective is easy to work with.
The efforts of our innovative in-house Danish and American manufacturing teams combine to create an aesthetically impactful product collection.
Our products prioritize personalization, giving you a multitude of ways to create your ideal workspace.
Bi-coastal warehouses and a large number of in-stock products mean we’re able to fulfill orders in as little as three business days (or less).
We remain committed to excellence and affordability as we endeavor to revolutionize well-being and productivity in the workplace.
Parent company of HAT Collective

Human Active Technology

In 1986, Innovative Office Products was launched as a provider of ergonomic, space-saving solutions to promote a healthy working lifestyle. This family-owned operation grew into a global company, creating design innovations for monitor arms, tablet mounts, POS systems, and sit-stand desks. Eventually, Innovative Office Products became Human Active Technology.

Over the years, we acquired other like-minded organizations in an effort to expand and strengthen our ability to meet the needs of our customers. HAT Contract, a top US provider of height-adjustable tables, came under the HAT umbrella, along with SiS Ergo, a Danish design and manufacturing company specializing in beautiful, customizable workplace solutions. Now, these branches of the HAT brand have come together to create HAT Collective.

Our name has evolved over time, but our goal remains the same: to provide a sophisticated product experience with design and ergonomic innovation at the forefront of everything we do.