Enhanced Design Solutions

Customization + Modification

Our Enhanced Design Solutions program invites you to participate in the design iteration and development process.

Drag slider left/right in image above to view differences.

EDS Example


  • E2 Connex Monitor Arms with black finish
  • S-Collection SE, 2-Stage with rectangular legs and black finish
  • M Tripod with black finish
  • Ellehaven Conference Table with black finish
  • Worksurfaces with standard finish


  • E2 Connex Monitor Arms with custom orange finish
  • S-Collection SE, 2-Stage modified with round legs and custom orange finish
  • M Tripod with custom orange finish
  • Ellehaven Conference Table with custom orange finish
  • Worksurfaces with exposed plywood edge finishes

EDS Capabilities

Through EDS, our in-house designers, engineers, and manufacturers collaborate directly with our customers to provide everything from slight modifications to ultra-custom work environments. EDS can be used to customize or integrate any HAT Collective product—or work with our team to develop something entirely new! Achieve your vision through our Enhanced Design Solutions program.

Detail of modified desk leg

Easy modification

Panel integration

Detail of custom finishes

Customize any combination of products

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HAT Collective can help you design and engineer a unique solution for your workspace. Please get in touch with us for more information or guidance on our Enhanced Design Solutions.