HAT Collective Introducing Revolutionary New Monitor Arm, E5, at NeoCon 2024

HAT Collective, a leader in intelligent, design-forward workplace solutions that allows people to work their way, is introducing a revolutionary new monitor arm at NeoCon 2024, the E5. Beautifully designed and expertly engineered, the E5 offers unmatched flexibility and configurability to meet the dynamic technology requirements of today and the future. The E5 will make its official debut at HAT Collective’s NeoCon showroom, 11-122, floor 11, at THE MART in Chicago, June 10-12.

One of E5’s core advantages is its simplicity for specification, installation, and adjustability. With a base-weight range of 5 to 45 lbs., it features a simple a top-down mount, one tool for installation, a built-in tension gauge and a user-adjustable rotation stop.

HAT Collective has taken a proactive approach to monitor arm design with the E5, a product that can evolve as technology changes. Its versatility and design offer benefits for every customer in the channel: Commercial furniture dealers, installers, designers, IT professionals, facility executives, purchasing personnel and end-users.

“In recent years, trends have shown a shift in how workers use their screens,” said HAT Collective Executive Vice President of Sales Scott Selzer. “Initially, there was a move from single to dual monitors, significantly enhancing productivity and multitasking capabilities. However, with the rapid pace of technological advancement, we are now seeing a new trend: the transition from dual monitors to a single, larger screen. This change highlights the unpredictable nature of technology and the necessity for adaptable solutions. That is where the E5 thrives.”

The E5 is designed and engineered to accommodate these shifting trends. Adding or removing monitors, including flat or curved screens, is quick and seamless. Minimal components allow for maximum expandability. E5’s pole and arm joints feature universal push button connections, which offer quick installation and easy expansion. E5 enables 14 different screen configurations. This can range from a single alignment across, to screens stacked in a dual configuration of two-over-two, or a triple configuration of three-over-three. E5’s pole extension kit eliminates the need for purchasing and installing new poles when monitor needs increase.

Available in three standard finishes, as well as a premium polished aluminum finish, E5 features a sleek and modern design making it a perfect fit for multiple workplace design schemes. Its soft, rounded edges combine with a ridged design aesthetic from HAT Collective’s other offerings, including its Reya power module, enabling greater design cohesion across all HAT Collective products. Each arm comes with soft-touch cable covers, allowing power and data cables to be easily hidden and organized.

“The diverse range of monitor sizes and weights today poses a challenge for customers who must purchase different arms to accommodate various technologies used by employees,” said Selzer. “E5 solves this challenge for everyone involved with monitor arm selections. With E5, we’ve thought of everything. There is no trade-off between aesthetics and functionality. As our fifth generation monitor arm, E5 can adapt to the needs of today’s workers, as well as those of tomorrow and the evolving technology landscape – no matter the technology used.”

“When we designed the E5, our goal was to make it all-encompassing and to make every aspect simple, from specification to installation to user configuration,” said HAT Collective Vice President of Engineering Steve Bowman. “The E5 continues HAT Collective’s legacy of monitor arm innovation, where our products display the highest craftsmanship and unmatched quality.”

E5 comes with a 15-year warranty.

Customers wanting more information about the E5 can visit HAT Collective’s NeoCon showroom, 11-122, floor 11.

More information about HAT Collective is at hatcollective.com.