HAT Collective Introduces the Quad Workstation

HAT Collective, a new brand experience in contract office furniture that empowers people to work their way, is introducing its M-Series Quad workstation. Featuring an innovative design that enables it to take up less space than traditional work tables, the four-person workstation is ideal for small-group and collaborative work. Manually height-adjustable to each user’s desired sit-or-stand preference, Quad supports ergonomics and gives workers individual control of their workspace.

Quad features a unique base and geometric table top shapes that cleverly fit together. The inventive design provides ample room for users but minimizes the workstation’s overall footprint. Designed and engineered at HAT Collective’s Danish manufacturing facility, Quad’s sleek, minimalistic aesthetic allows it to work within a variety of different workspaces. Quad is available in three frame finish options, eight work surface finish options and seven edge finish options. Custom surface and edge finishes are also available for even greater design flexibility.

Workers can control their own workspace as each of the four work surfaces can be independently adjusted to a user’s preferred height. The manual height-adjustability, known as Constantforce, is achieved through an inventive coiled spring technology, which requires no power source. With no need for electrical power, Quad can be configured anywhere small group, touchdown or collaborative sessions might happen.

Quad comes with a height range of 27.6 inches up to 44.1 inches, and is available in five different work surface sizes. Users can add a surface-mounted battery powered module to keep mobile phones and other electronic devices fully charged. Quad comes with a 10-year parts warranty and lifetime warranty for craftsmanship. The workstation is designated as a HAT Collective Safe Space™ Product, meaning it can be easily cleaned and disinfected between uses.

The HAT Collective M-Series is a portfolio of innovative product options including mobile, wall-mounted and small group workstations. More information about the M-Series Quad is available at HATCollective.com.