HAT Collective Introduces Its First Ergonomic Seating Solution and More Intelligent Workplace Tools at NeoCon 2022

New Introductions Provide More Ways for Workers to Work Their Way

HAT Collective (11th floor, space 11-122), a leader in ergonomic, design-forward workplace solutions that allows people to work their way, is introducing Iku, its first-ever original ergonomic seating product, along with several other new product innovations at this year’s NeoCon. With the addition of Iku, HAT Collective now offers a comprehensive set of intelligent work tools that includes: seating; height-adjustable tables; wire and power management systems; storage units; and accessories. This complete offering means workers can build their own “360 Workspace” specifically tailored to their needs.  It also fulfills the HAT Collective brand motto of giving workers “more ways to work your way.”

“We believe people are more productive and happier when they are empowered to work their own way. With Iku, our Enhanced Design Services and the other innovative products we’re introducing at NeoCon, workers have every element needed to create a holistic ‘360 workspace’ that supports the way they work best. This can foster better health, productivity and happiness – elements essential for worker retention and recruitment,” said HAT Collective Chief Marketing Officer Libby Ferin.

The new products and services being introduced at NeoCon 2022 include:

Iku Ergonomic Task Chair

Japanese for “to go,” Iku is an interactive, instinctive mid-back task chair that propels professionals into a healthy, productive workday. Like all HAT Collective products, Iku features innovative design, integrated ergonomics and easy user functionality. Expertly engineered to support the back and spine while providing high-end comfort, Iku comes with an intuitive synchro-control to promote natural body movement. Users can select multiple adjustments to ensure the chair is correctly positioned for optimal ergonomics and productivity. Adjustments include five different back positions, 11 incremental armrest positions and 2.3 inches of seat depth. Versatile for today’s modern workplace or home office, Iku features a modern mesh backrest in three different color choices along with a stylish black nylon or upscaled polished aluminum base. Color options are available for the back frame, arm and seat upholstery. Easy glide casters provide fluid mobility on either hard or carpeted surfaces.

Designed to enhance the interaction between a worker and technology, E2 Connex is HAT Collective’s most dynamic monitor arm, allowing users to expand and configure monitors in virtually any way. E2 Connex can accommodate one or multiple monitors in various sizes, any of which can be easily added or removed without compromising the original configuration. Users can choose between static or dynamic arms or add sliders for fine-tuned monitor adjustment to further enhance the experience. Easy and quick to install with a top-down clamp mount, E2 Connex also comes with HAT Collective’s Snap-On Charging Caps, which provide convenient, fast-charging USB ports, giving workers more ways to build their own complete individualized work space.


Wires and cables can be easily organized with Pocket, a mesh cable management sleeve compatible with any height-adjustable or static workstation. With set-up taking only minutes, dual straps on the inside provide quick access to add or remove cords instantly, while 12 Velcro straps securely lock in wires and cords. Pocket’s flame-resistant fabric protects against cord damage. Available in white, gray or black, Pocket is a clean, simple and efficient solution to cable management.​

HAT Collective Enhanced Designed Services

HAT Collective’s Enhanced Design Solutions (EDS) enables customers to create the products they need for the workspaces they envision. With manufacturing, engineering and product design capabilities all in-house, customers can collaborate directly with HAT Collective product experts to easily modify or customize any number of HAT Collective products. Services range from: Creating custom colors to match to existing finishes; redesigning work surfaces or table legs to meet different size and shape requirements; developing new solutions for smarter panel integration; and reengineering products to fit into an existing furniture system. With HAT Collective’s EDS, custom is made easy.

HAT Collective Healthcare

HAT Collective will also be showcasing several products from its recently launched HAT Collective Healthcare division.
The division offers a robust product portfolio specifically designed to support the technology needs of healthcare providers and improve the point of care (POC) experience for both the caregiver and the patient. (POC is commonly regarded as the point of interaction where caregiving and information exchange occurs between a patient and a caregiver.). The lineup of ergonomic and customizable products, proven to perform within demanding 24/7 healthcare environments includes: wall mounts, mobile carts, workstations and articulating monitor arms. Areas where HAT Collective Healthcare products can be utilized include patient rooms, exam rooms, operating rooms, patient registration areas, diagnostic testing areas, or other places where caregivers interact with patients.  More information is available at the HAT Collective Healthcare website.