MMQB: HAT Collective Introducing E2 Connex Monitor Arm at NeoCon 2022

HAT Collective (11th floor, space 11-122) is introducing E2 Connex, its most dynamic articulating monitor arm manufactured to-date, at NeoCon 2022.

Designed to enhance the interaction between a worker and technology, E2 Connex allows users to expand and configure monitors in virtually any way. E2 Connex can accommodate one or multiple monitors in various sizes, any of which can be easily added or removed without compromising the original configuration. Users can choose between static or dynamic arms or add sliders for fine-tuned monitor adjustment to further enhance the experience. Easy and quick to install with a top-down clamp mount, E2 Connex also comes with HAT Collective’s Snap-On Charging Caps, which provide convenient, fast-charging USB ports, giving workers more ways to build their own complete individualized work space.

E2 Connex is joining HAT Collective’s full suite of innovative workplace product solutions, which includes height-adjustable tables; articulating monitor arms; wire and power management systems; storage units; and accessories. Whether a user prefers sitting or standing, working individually or collaboratively, remaining stationary or being on the go, HAT Collective offers workers more ways to work their way.

HAT Collective will be introducing several other innovative workplace solutions during NeoCon 2022. This include its first-ever original ergonomic seating product, Iku; and Pocket, a new mesh cable management sleeve that neatly addresses cord challenges with height adjustable and static desks.