Design Request Form

    Request Design Services

    Please provide your zip code if you do not know who your HAT Collective Sales Manager is. Please provide discount information. Select Power Requirements Does your project require an engineer special (CPR)? Did you check the include design team on your CPR? *Please note the Design Team is not responsible for the completion of CPR Forms, that is the responsibility of the sales person. If the Design Team has a request for a project that requires a special, the team will reach out to the HAT Collective sales person to quality the opportunity and complete the CPR Form. Project Configuration Information
    Please label this project group Description of project group Do you need this group multiplied?
    Do you have any comments or questions regarding this project? Would you like a call with the design team to review your project? *The Design Team may call you to review this project if they need clarification. Please attach any files relevent to the project including PDF’S (preferably w/ Dimensions or accompanied with CAD files), AutoCAD Drawings, Sketches, Any handwritten notes takes, Inspiration or “to match” images if applicable.