Who is Human Active Technology?

A Q&A with HAT CEO Steven Bramson

HAT Collective and its parent company, Human Active Technology, are evolving. Much more than just a manufacturer of height adjustable tables, which is what “HAT” stood for previously, the brand and company are on a mission to bridge the gap between people and technology.

Who is Human Active Technology?

Human Active Technology (HAT) is more than just a new company name. To us, it’s a culture shift and a new way of thinking and doing business. When we hear and see the name Human Active Technology, it’s a reminder for what we stand for and why we do what we do.

HAT is the parent company to HAT Collective, a brand that serves the contract office market with a robust suite of intelligent work tools that empower people to work their way. Today, by adopting the Human Active Technology term as part of its brand name, HAT Collective is evolving to meet a new mission. We are much more than just a manufacturer of height adjustable tables, which is what “HAT” stood for previously. Our new goal – which spreads across every person at HAT and all of our brands – is to be the leading company that connects people with technology.

HAT Collective added a new seating product to its product portfolio this year. The addition gives employees all the elements they need to create a comprehensive “360 Workspace.”

What is changing with the HAT Collective brand?

As I mentioned, the HAT Collective brand is evolving. With our new direction and focus, to bridge the gap between people and technology, we’re evolving internally as a company. We’re building a new company mindset, which will unify and guide us through every facet of the business. With everyone in the organization and all of our brands working in unison, we’ll be bringing greater efficiencies and clarity to everything we do. This clear and strengthened focus will enable us to zero in on what we do best, which in turn will bring tremendous benefits to our customers.

We believe the name change also creates marketplace differentiation and speaks to exactly who we are. By taking this unique position – actively bridging the gap between people and technology – we’re setting ourselves apart from others in the industry. And, with HAT Collective, and each of our other sub-brands – HAT Collective Healthcare, HAT Design Works and HAT e-Commerce – now featuring the HAT acronym and the same identifying mark, we have a simple and streamlined approach to our brand architecture. This will drive stronger brand recognition in the markets we serve.


With a diverse range of product solutions, including fixed and mobile desk options, HAT Collective gives people more ways to work their way.


HAT Collective was introduced in early 2021. Other than this new name, what changes have you made to strengthen the brand over the past 18 months?

There have been so many changes we have made to make the HAT Collective brand even stronger. This includes strengthening our talent acquisition (in addition to the great team we currently have in place), increasing our operational effectiveness and now redefining our culture and brand position.

One major area where we’ve set ourselves apart is our Enhanced Designed Solutions (EDS) division. Whether modifying or completely reimagining a product, customization is simplified through our design and engineering teams here in the U.S. or at our Denmark facility. From tables to intelligent tools to technology, no one in the industry can customize like HAT.

HAT Collective was launched with the tagline, “Work Your Way.” This year we adopted the phrase “More Ways to Work Your Way.” Not only have we added key products like seating and technology to our product portfolio, we’ve also introduced a 360 Workspace, a robust, comprehensive workstation solution that is flexible, adaptable and active.

Over the past 18 months, we’ve expanded our product arc to offer products ranging from Quick-Ship and Standard Products to a customized product offering through our Enhanced Design Solutions division. So, this gives dealers and designers multiple ways to do business with us.

We’ve also strengthened and expanded the services we bring to dealers — including HAT Collective Healthcare, which focuses on point of care products. Our fresh approach to healthcare offers our dealers a potential new revenue stream that they haven’t experienced before, which can enable them to further grow their businesses.


HAT Collective Healthcare point of care solutions featuring medical cartsHAT Collective Healthcare, which offers point of care products, provides dealers with new revenue opportunities.


So what’s next for HAT Collective?

Our focus has always been on the dealer community; dealers are our lifeblood. We’re going to keep that focus. Now, with Human Active Technology, we have a renewed emphasis and a clear vision to create simple, smart and intelligent tools that better connect people with the technologies they use in a healthy way.